did a search, didnt see anything.

i just found out about this, its a website where you sign up, and put an add in your myspace/facebook/UG profile/any social network site that gives money to support you're favorite cause/charity/organization.

i thought it was are pretty cool little thing, you have free space, why not help someone or something out?

plus, with some sponsors you can get perks,

so UG why not just take 5 minutes to sign up, and help out with something useful.

check it out:http://www.socialvibe.com/

if you need help deciding on a cause. im quite partial to "to write love on her arms" or "invisible children"

oh and i know this sounds kinda fishy, but its really, and im just telling the pit about it, not advertising.

EDIT: sorry wrong link
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referral link spam

fixed the link, no longer referral, i um.... forgot about that...

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It's link to gay porno! Don't click!

sorry to disappoint, no gay porn in there.
i hear mod0bees buzzing ! OOOHHH SHIIIII....

cool site though, i might do it.
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