Hey, i got a Takamine for about a year now, everytime i play the 2nd fret on the high E string it gives me a very bad pitch, I'm wondering it's the bridge's problem, but with my takamine, it doesn't come with a adjuster it's just a piece of plastic that can come on and off

is there places where i can purchase such item for my guitar?
If you mean the saddle at the bottom then that's normal. Acoustic guitars do not come with adjustable saddles for the most part. The ones that do come with adjustable saddles are just plain bad.

The problem is that you're either pressing too hard on the string when you're fretting, you're pressing too far away from the back of the fret, or you're using strings that are too light which makes you press more than needed and making the string go off pitch.

I can't think of any other explanations aside from these. I somehow doubt that it's an issue with your bridge or saddle. If it were, then all the other frets would be off pitch as well, not just the 2nd one on the high E string.
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