How do I ground a pedal that uses a battery? Do I have to buy an AC adapter?
A pedal with a battery has a ground built into it. The ground is located on the circuit board of the pedal itself.
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im getting a big feedback when i plug it in, how can i stop this? both me and my friend have a korg pitchblack floor tuner and when we plug in and when the pedal isn't on it's feedbacking/buzzing terribly...
bad cables?

Are you using a power supply?
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The pedal itself my have a ground issue. You might want to open it up and check for any loose connections.
im not using a power supply- is there a way to ground it when its on battery? i dont understand whats going on :[
It is grounded when you're using the battery. Something's wrong with the buffer. I'd just send it back, anything else you do will void the warranty.
You both have this problem? With different rigs and everything? Something is really strange here. Does the pedal work otherwise?
yes the pedal functions as a tuner, one of us has a mesa single rec and line 6 flextone 412 cab, the other a marshal jcm900 and avatar 412 cab... and yes both the tuner works but when not bypassing there is serious buzz... we play in a basement that needs a dehumidifier running all the time cuz it gets damp, could that effect it? help!
You posted a bulletin about you're korg tuner and its feedback earlier...

In fact its still on the first page this forum.

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