Ok Pit, I have no one else to ask such a small thing of right now.

I've been sick all week, and today is my second day in a row that I've had to take off work. Now, in order to get compensation for these sick days (paid sick leave) I need to provide a medical certificate.
However, there is no one home to take me to the doctors office, and I don't think I can just walk in there by myself without some sort of Medicare card or something.

In short, I've never taken myself to the doctors without company before, and I don't know what to do. Also, how much will it cost for a simple checkup (I have some sort of cold/flu, a deathly cough, runny nose, fevers, aching joints, headache)?
Holy **** dude you sound messed up =/

Sorry but I live in canada, hospital's free here >.>

But good luck on recovering
yeah man I'm not really sure I guess it would depend on where you went....if you really wanted to ask something of the pit you could try and obtain a doctors note some how?
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forge a note?
we have a doctor's office on campus so i dont have to worry about that...
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but dude who cares go see da doctor n **** and pay after

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Ok, well I guess I could get my friend to come to the hospital with me in which case it would be free, but I was thinking of seeing the family doctor at the private clinic.