hi. im a singer/bassist in my band. i dont want to sing anymore, i wanna be a full bassist so i can use my full level of skills. my drummer and guitarist think im a good singer (my drummer and guitarist are brothers and my best friends) but i feel im unconfident and dont liek singing. my badn disagrees adn says im a great singer. i found someone who would be willing but my band doesnt like him. what do i do?
Well why don't they like him?
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my drummer doesnt like him cuz hes very selective and thinks hed be horrible at singing and a bad song writer. my guitarist just dont like him....
Get him anyways, and if he's good maybe they'll end up liking him.
Noone in my band likes my singer... but he's not good either, so I think we're going to end up kicking him out.
Lol, you reminded me of my old band, where the bassist sung.
He sucked. Lol.
u shud sing. my band had this issue, we got a new singer but when our original singer/guitarist sang back up she overpowered/out sang our vocalist. it doesn't sound pretty.

just suck it up n play and u'll never regret it srsly.
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I can see how you would want to focus on more difficult bass playing skills. If you can't find another singer, you could always record singing then bass parts then learn to do them together.
thats what i thought, but everyone always wants to hear our songs (like family) and i get to nervous to sing unless its infront of a crowd. i cant do it in front of small family get togethers and stuff.....i wanna be able to do it in concert liek it was done on record
I'd say just learn to sing + play the hard parts at the same time, if not try and get a good singer although that may be diffucult.

What I like to do to relax is go in my car and turn up something really loud that I love to just sing along with (normally heavy) and just get loosened up. Thats what I do before I play places.
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lol XD ty i guess. i just wanna play slap bass. and i cant do slap bass and sing.

do slap in intros when you dont have to sing, or bridges, or 3rd verses, etc. all i know is that its ****ing hard to find a singer and your band seems to think they've found a decent one, so i think you should keep goin wif it..