ive been playing bass for about 3 or 4 months now, and i can only play a handful of songs in full, which are...

ac/dc- back in black
rage against the machine- bulls on parade
311- freeze time; leaving babylon; long for the flowers
slipknot- before i forget
dave matthews band- crush

there are also many songs that i can play only parts of... but i was wondering if this is the average amount for a person with my experience.
That's not bad mate, just keep expanding your repertoire and find people to play with. That's great incentive to learn more things the whole way through.
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It doesn't matter. It depends on what you're able to do. Not how many songs you learned on the way. You should be looking more at free online lessons than at tabs.
Expand out and play music from as many genres as you can get into. Try some easy end iron maiden as a starting point, or incubus in fact. Good luck
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I've been playing about a year and a half, and i can't play many songs, but I get bored playing other peoples stuff, and just jam my own thing.
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those are just songs you have learned not songs you literally can or could play, challenge yourself, if you question how much you should be able to play then learn more songs and more difficult songs.
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Mix learning songs with technique. If there's a technique you want to learn - which could be something as simple as a gallop, then work on songs that make use of that technique. Finding songs in a variety of genres - even if you don't like the genre - can help make you a more rounded player.
it doesn1t really matter that you dont know many songs all the way through.
if you want someting different, try writing a tune on your bass, or maybe just
keep going as yu are.
just make sure that you keep challenging yourself.
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Q: How many songs should I be playing?
A: Hopefully enough to make it through tonights set !

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