I need a small combo that sounds good. I'd like to spend less than $500, the less it is the sooner I can get it. I'd like to get John Frusicante like tones but also tones like Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Say Anything and pop punk tones. I currently have a Marshall Lead 12 combo that I think has a blown speaker, so it doesn't sound too good. Anything is better than what I have now. Anything 15-30 watt solid state and 5-15 watt tube will do me well. These are the amps I've been looking at. Feel free to suggest a amp

Orange Crush 15R


I know its not great, but its better than what I have and It's cheap.



I don't know much about these amps but I have heard they are good. Are the capable of the tones I want?

Fender Pro Junior


Fender Blues Junior

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There seems to be a lot of hype over the Peavey Vypyr Series coming out this month, but no one seems to have used one yet on the forum. You may want to wait and see how those turn out.
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definately the orange or the vox


Fenders will suit your style
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Blues Jr. most definitely. You should use an OD pedal if you want distortion.
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yeah I would get an OD pedal if I got one of the Fenders. Do you think the Blues Junior is worth the extra money? I don't need the extra volume it has but if it sounds that much better id spring for it.
It's worth it. They are all tube amps, unlike the Vox, which is just a hybrid.
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also test the epiphone valve Jr.
Might be what you are looking for, but you will need an OD pedal.
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