I recently acquired (off the side of the road) two Sony reel-to-reel tape players (a TC-651 and TC-377) along with a tape deck (TC-165). I'm not too sure how they work, as they're much before my time, but I'm pretty sure I can record some electric guitar onto the reel-to-reels. My question is if there is anything neat I can do with this equipment beyond simply recording and playing it back - I have some limited experience with electronics and I'm not afraid of solder or anything. If there was any way to use them to create something neat (effects, amp, mini-mellotron, huge paperweight that plays wacky music, etc) I would like to know. If anyone has any ideas or experience with these things please let me know. It really doesn't matter if I destroy the equipment beyond repair, since I got it for free.
I want one...

Steve Miller had a tape deck and reel-to-reel and he did all kinds of effects with them. He also joked about how he had to clean the heads every night and if he wasn't careful the tape would get ground up into the heads.

Seriously, though. I want one...
If the reel to reels are 4 track, that could be fun to record with, because you can actually listen to one part while you lay down the next. Obviously you can buy all sorts of multitracking software now, but if you've got an old four track deck you may as well try it.
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Just move it around the fretboard
Make a delay line out if it! Actually Ritchie Blackmore used to have one set up atthe side of the stage, and his guitar ran through the amp section before hitting his Marshalls, it gave him tremendous sustain and compression. Watch Mistreated from the Cal Jam show, the echo on his guitar, and the amazing sound is basically that tape machine.
really vintage type tape flanging


you need 2 tape machines but you can still get interesting effects (like just some vibrato.... or transfer it to your computer twice, once normal and another time with the flanging, then mix them together for the same effect)
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The flanging only occurs when the tapes are played back? The studio posibilities of using two tape decks are immense!
Tape Delay, look into frippertronics.
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