here is a song i started a couple nights ago. i didn't start it with a certain genre in mind, or a certain sound...things just evolved. now it is not a finished product, i am still working on it as the days go by. so expect a finished version in the next coming weeks.

Epic thing of epicness.zip

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hey, you're off to a good start it seems. I like the melody. It goes well over the chords. and all the instruments really added to the sound. you've got room to make this song extremely epic and I hope you achieve that. I personally think you could be doin a whole lot more with the bass. this song deserves more than just root notes. I think a guitar solo would work nicely after what you have. other than that, I don't have much to crit. get this done, it's sounding good. could you crit mine? it's somewhere on the first page.
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