Hey i been playin for a while now and i'm gettin kinda frustrated with songs by my favorite band...metallica...so i was wondering if there was anything else i could play in the meantime that would be just as much fun and sound just as cool...HELP!!!

i been playin for close to a year now...love metal...not too into shredding just don't like it! thx plz help!
what about megadeth?
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alot of metallica songs are very discouraging when you're starting out.

I've been playing a year now and I still haven't tried any of the them past the first solo - then again I'm not as into the band.

Find some songs from some of your other favorite bands that have simpler chord progressions. Nobody here can tell you what you like. In the beginning, acousic-style songs with simple basic chord progressions were the easiest for me to pick up. Unfortunately most classic metal songs don't fit that category too well

Edit: I just read that you've been playing as long as me. In that case, try the intro riff to "my curse" by killswitch, sounds pretty cool once you nail it. The powertab helps you get the rhythm down.
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Megadeth - Symphany for Destruction is easy - the (marty friedman solo of course)
Metallica - For whom the bell tolls or Enter Sandman are actually not hard.
Ozzy/BlackSabboth - Iron Man or Paranoid
if you dont like any of these i could probably think of a few more good beginer songs.

Those are some easy songs. Try to just work on one song even if it seems just out of your skill leval.Its easy to get impatient at this stage and then you end up learning bits and peices of a million songs but not being able to play any. Just stick with one and practice well at it untill you get then move on. You can play any of those songs i bet. Read a lesson on practice technique and make sure you are playing in time with a metronome or at least counting with your foot or something. Good luck.