looking to get rid of broken/malfunctioning pedals? i'm just now getting into electronics and i've been looking for some pedals to practice working on. eventually i plan to start designing my own effects circuits, but i'll start small. so anyway, i'll take any pedal you have to offer if the price is right.

good way to offload unwanted gear no? thanks in advance everyone :rockon:
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Its much easier to build pedals from scratch than it is to fix broken ones. Youre also probably better off asking on the diystompboxes forums.
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If your interested in effect pedal stuff I think you should look into http://www.buildyourownclone.com/ I havent gotten anything from there yet but I might get a kit that's a discontenued Boss pedal. They mostly have stuff for making clones of random pedals that are more customizable and they're cheaper than the real thing.

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I have a malfunctioning Boss Metal Zone I'd be willing to let go for like $10 plus the cost of shipping. I have taken it apart to see if I could fix it, but there wasn't anything glaringly obvious that I could see, but then again, I'm no expert by any standard.

When activated, the volume gets dropped to an almost impossible to hear level, even when the pedal and amp are cranked.

All the knobs and pieces are there, and it's been reassembled just how it was when I got it from the pawn shop. It's hasn't worked since I got it, and the pawn shop wouldn't take it back cuz I waited to long to return it.

Want it?
Well, I have a Digitech RP-50 in perfect nick, apart form the fact that it makes an incredible noise when it is being used, and I don't mean in the traditional digital noise sense, I mean the overbearing,unnatural earth hum.
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I have a rocktron hush but the power supply cable is broken, so I haven't used it in a while. I also have a Electroharmonics holygrail reverb pedal that has a broken switch on it, but you can easily fix it by screwing it back on. Let me know if you are interested.