What are some of your favorite Beatle's songs to play on the guitar?

I've been playing Day Tripper, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and I Want You (She's So Heavy).

Any others you guys like to play?
search for a beatles thread.

but Day Tripper and While My Guitar Gently Weeps are my favorites
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Yer Blues and Revolution seem to make my fingers happy.
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octopus's garden looks fun, but i cant really stand the song -- guitarwise it looks fun though.

the solo to "all my loving" is pretty decent.

"Ive got a feeling"

Lucy in the sky with diamonds, if you learn the piano part on guitar

happiness is a warm gun has some cool parts


its mostly for fun of course, as beatles songs are pretty easy...

oh yes, shes a woman is cool

"everybodys got something to hide except me and my monkey" cool time sig in that one

"helter skelter"
eh, i think this thread asks a specific question worthy of itself.
'Norwegian Wood' is great, same with 'Here Comes the Sun'
and 'Helter Skelter' is great to just bash out.
Any of their songs really. I've found a bunch of solo acoustic arrangements of songs like "In My Life" and I really enjoy groovin' to those. The Beatles still blow my mind every time I listen to them.
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well I think pretty much all the Beatles songs can be played on the guitar.

But If your playing electric id say Ive got a feeling and Helter Skelter are my favs. Blackbird is the obvious choice for acoustic but While my guitar gently weeps is pretty good too.
octopus's garden looks fun, but i cant really stand the song -- guitarwise it looks fun though.

I totally agree mate.