I just bought an Epiphone SG (Alpine white with EMG's) and I'm stuck with a ****ty behringer amp. What amp is good for me and under $600. I play mostly rock and some blues with a little metal. Do not comment on the EMG's mixed with rock. I already know.
I love my Valveking, but alot of UGers will give you **** if you buy one. They're really a "love it or hate it" sort of amp.

But if you have $600, you might want to look at a used Classic 30 + an overdrive, or a used 5150 combo (if you're lucky) or a Traynor YCV50 Blue.
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i got a crate flewwave 120V with 2x12in speakers for like 400 bucks. its a really nice and really loud and good for rock, blues, and metal