i posted here a few days ago. i changed my strings 2 weeks ago and the new ones hit my neck.. some people said maybe the 10 guage strings were to small, so i went out got some 12's. a little bit better but still hitting the neck so now im convinced it's my tension. i'm broke right now and really want my guitar fixed so can someone please help me out here, what do i need to do? i know this is super super risky
A bit more info. would be good. Why are you convinced it's the tension ?

Look down the side of the neck, is there a slight bit of neck bow [neck relief]? There should be or is the neck dead straight? You can check it with a metal straight edge if you like but you should be able to see it. If there is no bow whatsoever and the neck is dead straight, you need a little bit of bow [relief] in the neck. With your strings tuned up to concert pitch, slacken off your truss-rod a little [anti-clockwise] that is hidden under a triangular bit of plastic held on with 3 screws on your head-stock, until you have a little bow.

If after looking at it [before adjusting the truss-rod] and there is a little neck bow the problem is not your truss-rod if your strings buzz. Your problem is probably your bridge saddle [the white thing that your strings go over on your bridge saddle] is too low. That can be fixed by slackening off your string so you can slide it out and put a little cardboard underneath to raise it's height. Failing that your nut [the white thing up near your peg head] is too low and is not a good idea to put cardboard under it, but in a pinch of poverty you could if you know how to get it out properly without damaging it]. Basically, with a bit of money, you need a new nut. Try out the first couple of options mentioned above first and let us know how you go. Good luck!
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