Hey all, I have been playing guitar for a while, and I want to get a new guitar.

The style of music I want to play is metal/heavy metal but still be able to play solos.

What guitar is best suited for what I want?
epiphone sg, or look for a used fender strat or epiphone lp standard. you could see if schecter makes guitars in that range, and i think they are the best quality guitars for the money that you pay.
Check out Ibanez. The necks are really nice and fast. You can get an RG for <$400. Or you can get an S Series (like mine) and depending on where you go, you can get it for around that price range. They are worth it. Sweet bridges. They stay in tune through everything too.

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Thanks I'll have a look. My friend has a Squier Affinity Fat Strat Electric Guitar (http://www.allansmusic.com.au/Product.aspx?p=98038&b=Squier) which I have played and I like it. Plays metal well. What are you opinions on this guitar?

You've been playing a while and you consider a squier? I've got that same one, and comparing it to that schecter I played, it is nothing. If you have one around where you live, go to a guitar center or other music shop and try out what they have.