Was considering getting myself a mlti effects pedal. At present I have just a Boss Metal Zone lying about, which I don't use - namely as I don't have the power supply for it, at present - and so all my distortion is just through my amp's boost channel. Needless to say, it ain't too great.

So - I was considering getting a multi-effects unit. I'm aiming at playing atmospheric altenative rock - i.e, Hurt, Tool/APC, Deftones, Butterfly Effect and so on, so was thinking I'd be needing effects like reverb/delay, or maybe some other bits 'n bobs. Because I don't actually know for sure what I'm after, figured the multi is the best way to go.

Which multi's do you guys tend to think is the best value / or just outright best, at present? Aiming at something that can be used live if possible (with minimal delay between effect-switching so it's actually useable, in this regard).

My present thoughts are with the Digitechs - the RP-500, GNX3000, and GNX4. The RP and the GNX3 are the same price at musiciansfriend.com (talking of which, reputable site?) at the moment, while the GNX4 is $100 more. Is the GNX4 that much better than than the 3000?

I'll stop rambling. Thanks for reading :P
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Well first off musiciansfriend is an excellent site - anything I buy comes from them (simply because the closest guitar store is a 2 1/2 hour drive lol).

As far as multi-effects go, its hard to find a decent unit - in most cases companies pack them full of a million cheap sounding effects rather than reducing the number and increasing the quality. The best ones that are at a somewhat affordable price are the Line 6 POD X3 Live, DigiTech GNX4, or the Boss GT10... which are all gonna run you around $500
I have the GNX 4 and it is the greatest,
the difference between the 4 and 3000 is that i believe the four has an 8 track recorder which i find great cause it still alright quality

its very versatile as well

need to no anything about it just ask
ive got a GNX4 and love it. check my recordings to get an idea of the sound. Its got plenty of delays and reverbs to choose from plus amp modeling, distortions up the wazzo, expression pedal, with a wah and as stated earlier recorder
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Well, the GNX4 is going on musiciansfriend for $399 US - I'm in Australia, so it works out something around $420, not so bad. But yeah, the main thing I'm wondering is whether the improvements on the GNX3000 are enough to be worth another $100? Wish there was a side-by-side comparison somewhere. Considering they're the same price, anyone know how a GNX3000 compares to the RP-500?

Also, how long does it take before a switched effect kicks in? Is there a delay, or is it instant?

The Boss ME-50 occurred to me - someone I know playedwith one of them, but it looks like the GNXes have more features / more sounds, on the surface.
What improvements does the GNX3000 have over the GNX4? Even if the GNX3000 has a few more FX, the GNX4's 8 Track recorder/Jamman looper, MIDI drums, and other MIDI playback are huge features.
Was meaning what improvements the GNX4 has over the 3000 - the GNX4 is the more expensive of the two, I'm guessing the 8 track recorder is the primary upgrade / reason behind the greater expense?

Thanks for all the replies as well, guys. The help is appreciated.
i use the ME-50. i don't care what people say about it, i love it. i use it in my line with about 6 other individual pedals. like the tube screamer, ds-2, etc..

multi effects pedals are just so fun. you lose some tone and you don't get the "best" effects, but you get SO many. they actually sound pretty cool too. and there is this one knob where you can adjust the tone. i can actually get my strat to sound even better. it has a built in wah and octave pedal. when that's not on it's a volume pedal. also has a tuner. for the price you just can't beat it. it will definitely entertain you for a long, long time. just don't buy a cheap one. spend at least 300.