i need help writing a jazz piece for my music assessment at school. i can't get any jazzy 7th chords together so i was wondering if any one wants to give me 3-4 chords that sound mad jazzy together, it'll be much appreciated. the song has to be in the key of c, 4/4 beat and bebop jazz. id prefer to write a jazz binary form as opposed to 12 bar.

so any help would be greatly appreciated.

(btw i am a metal head and have no idea about jazz .)
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Uhhh this isnt the forum for tips on writting jazz. read the rules,
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Check out the Extended Major Scale up to 9ths.

And ii-V-I progressions are used alot in Jazz!

I don't know much myself but I hope that helps a bit!

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if it gets closed, read the rules in MT and start a thread there.

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