well i noticed that there was no thread for this yet so i thought id start one .

i got - (all higher btw)
biology - a
physics - b
maths - b
english - b
info systems (which is **** and i hate it,thought id fail so im happy) - c

which means il have a pretty easy 6th year now , so what did you get pit ?

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i left skl last year with gd higher and adv highers and im doing an apprenticeship now (its **** and i want out!). ive been trying to get my higher english for 3 years to get into a music course..... this year i finally passed! it was a C but its a pass!
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I've just finished my first year of college, but at GCSE level I got straight B's at higher, except for Spanish: C at foundation and Statistics C at foundation. So I did well at GCSE, shame I'll never need anything I learnt in those years XD.
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