This September I'll be playing for a year and I want to get myself a decent amp now that my playing ability has progressed. Reading threads on whether to get a tube or SS amp has got me in a rut. I'm looking for, as stupid as it may sound, a hard hitting, crunchy tone similar to later Pantera and modern hardcore and death metal bands along the lines of Job for a Cowboy and The Acacia Strain. I know everyone looks down on hardcore music for how generic it sounds but that's the tone I've been trying to achieve for pretty long now with my ****ty starter amp I bought at a local music store when I first started playing.

I asked for advice about this before but my budget has dropped thanks to other things. I have tried a few tube amps out (a ~300$ Vox and some random Roland) and the tone was alright but I always feel like a tool turning the volume up in a store so I probably didn't get the full effect of the tube sound to begin with. Like I said above I'm really looking for a fat, crunchy tone with good low end. Cleans don't really appeal to me since I play metal, hardcore, and all the categorized sub-genre's related to those two, so the quality of the cleans won't factor in for me.
save up a little more. i dont know of a good amp thats only 300 dollars.
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get a pod or a modeler + epi valve junior is the only way to have decent valve tone at that price im afraid

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