i am interested in building an attenuator to drop the working volume of my tiny terror. ideally i want to drop it so i can use some power tube saturation instead of pre amp gain.

i have looked around the net and found an l-pad resistor calculator but it baffles me TBH. i am fairly handy with a soldering iron so thats not a worry. can anyone supply a small drawing with the resistors i need and how to wire them in an enclosure to go in between my amp and speaker cab please?

it doesnt have to be adjustable, just a 9 or 12 db cut will be fine...

thanks guys.

Thank you please.

i spoke to slashs#1fan about the weber mini mass he has for sale but he reckons it doesnt sound too good with the tiny terror... there must be an alternative...

any ideas?
Thank you please.
Wish I had some advice for you. I wanted to build one myself for my Marshall a long time ago. I gave up when I realized it was more cost effective to buy a good one.

Let us know if you figure something out.
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