Alright, so I know that you can't play a bass through a guitar amp, so how would you use something like an EHX HOG or a Whammy Pedal?

If a bass is one octave lower than a guitar, and that would damage the amp, then would you need a different amp to use a HOG or Whammy, as they can each go two octaves down?

Sorry if this is confusing, I didn't really know how to phrase it.
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Those pedals are supposed to be run through guitar amps. They make your guitar sound an octave lower like a bass. It's not like by going an octave lower, your guitar frequencies are going to amount to bass frequencies and overload your amp. The point of the pedals are to get your guitar to sound like that.
you can play bass through a guitar amp...providing you do it bedroom volumes.

as for the pedals....different harmonic content. You'd probably notice speakers farting if you go too low and too loud

also, this thread has made me try to go figure out what the hell the guys in Meshuggah are using since they've got 8 string guitars tuned down to bass range
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[edit: from the pics I took, I see no cabs at all, probably running direct into the PA]
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you should be ok, pedals alter signals yes, but ive never had trouble with octaving up
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