I decided to have a bit of a search for pedals to use and came across this Korg. What are general opinions on it?

I know that I could do better with individual pedals but I'm not really looking for a huge amount of versatility in the the delay/chorus/reverb. Plus it would save a fair amount of space on the old pedalboard.

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Lately I've been having a rethink on the way I have my effects set up. It's due to the fact that I've always been in a band with two guitarists but now I'm the sole player.

I currently use OD, EQ and a boost pedal.
My idea is to have a seperate loop that I can place my boost pedal in with some other effects so I can turn them all on with the touch of just one footswitch.

To fill out our sound, so it doesn't seem so empty when I start playing lead lines instead of chords, what other effects would people recommend I put in this loop?
I'm assuming chorus and/or delay would be the first things to look at but I've always been the "less is more" sort of person when it comes to modulation so I have very little experience.

Perhaps I'm not even looking at the right thing.
Any suggestions?
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some light delay fills in emptiness very nicely


Delay helps to give more depth and can also create atmosphere.

This is the only timed based effect I use.

I also use reverb, which also nicely thickens up your sound.
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i use delay to fill out lead lines, always. even when its just subtle, it can fill it out a lot.

chorus helps a little bit but not as much as delay.
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Hmm ok, seems like I'm on the right track then. I'll have to see if I can borrow/test some pedals and try out some different combinations to see what suits what I'm after.

Thanks all for the suggestions!
I play in a 3-piece (power trio!) in which I probably play more lead than I do chords. Delay works wonders for filling out your sound, as does reverb, which I have on my amp anyway. But seriously, I use my delay pedal for almost every lead part.
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Chorus, it is a fantastic asset to have, it brings your clean sound to life and jazzes it up a bit. And if your amplifier doesn't have built in reverb, then a reverb pedal would be good to thicken up your tone a bit.
Delay pedals definately give you a lot of options. You can get a reverb just by keeping the setting low. Or set the feedback higher for layering underneath. I use a Tech 21 Boost DLA, the clean boost is nice for leads. Anyway, it adds a lot to my sound.
In my previous band I was also a sole guitarist.I used to add some reverb from the amp I played on.I only had a distortion a wah and a delay.I was using the delay as a booster for the solos.
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The best pedal I've ever used to fill out sound, for the best cost and for the greatest difference, was the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble :-)
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