I am currently looking to purchase my first electric guitar and amp. Where I live it's nearly impossible to get a good guitar locally, so I am looking online.
I am thinking of getting Fender Squier Affinity Strat and Line6 Spider III 15w amp.
I've been looking at UK shops but most of them don't ship to Lithuania or don't carry squier/line6.
I found http://www.musicstore.de and they seem legit, have great prices, etc, but their support didn't bother to reply to me about shipping prices yet (it's been over 24h).
Any other legit shops that ship to Europe/Lithuania?

Thanks and once I get the guitar, I'll be more active in forums
thomann.de is another big store.
Washburn USA Custom Shop
Musicstore's shipping policy can be found on their website.. When you select your country the amount of VAT is shown as well as the shipping fee (which is free over 120 euros I believe.. Have fun with your first guitar!
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You cannot go wrong with thomann or gak. I use thomann alot, both have a good reputation and you can request a set up from thomann i think, not sure about gak, either way, they are excellent

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Thanks, thomann looks great
EDIT: Order placed, the wait begins.
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