budget: around $1100

I'm searching for a good tube amp.
I'm searching for a sound similar to Slash's sound of Guns N Roses, and Buckethead which I also really like.

I play mainly with distortion/overdrive on, but I need a good clean sound too.

For home use and gigs..
I prefer a halfstack rather than combo..

I can buy a really good head, and a decent cab, and save a little bit more and upgrade the cab.

so I need some recommendations.

buckethead is using Peavey 5150 head on a Marshall 1960 Slant 4x12 cab.

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used jcm 900
used 5150
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Used vintage modern marshall, i think he uses those live right now, along with marshall jubiliees?

Depends, do you want buckethead or slash sound?

5150 is great, but limited.
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I like more buckethead's sound.
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