I wasn't exactly sure what forum to post this is so if this is the wrong forum I'll gladly lock it.

My problem is that I don't know how I should proceed from where Im at as a guitarist. I can easily switch between open chords and barre chords and I have learned a few scale boxes (the major, minor pentatonic and the major pentatonic). I have also been learning as much music theory as I can.

I think I should be learning more box shape scales but I feel as though the box shapes do not help at all in improvising as I then stay in 1 part of the neck the whole time. So are there any scale shapes that go across the whole neck? I've heard of the hop-scotch method for the minor pentatonic but thats about it.

So how should I proceed as a guitarists? What should be the next thing for me to learn?

Sorry if this post is kind of vague but I dont really know what to do other then ask for advice.

Thanks for any help

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I think I should be learning more box shape scales but I feel as though the box shapes do not help at all in improvising as I then stay in 1 part of the neck the whole time.

If you're improvising then that's good, especially if you're playing by ear. Did you realise that a simple pentatonic can cover the whole neck? The same goes for the major scale, and many others.
learn the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions of all the scales, then you'll be able to piece the scales across the neck.

or do it the way that takes time and might help you more: play the scale, and find all the notes of the scale all over the fretboard. so if you're play A minor, play the first note - A - then find all the A's on your fretboard. Keep repeating this and you'll get used to where notes are, and be able to play in more positions.
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Hunt down bangoodcharlotte in a thread and go to the lesson in her sig. Read up to circle of fifths. Its pretty much more confusing than it needs to be after that but the beginning is very helpful.

edit: also someone showed me this:

I think youll find it helpful. Learn what notes make up scales and why, then learn where notes are on the fretboard. bada bing bada boom.
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^ Ive already done all the stuff that you suggested tubetime about a month ago

And to everyone else, just keep learning scale shapes? I feel as though this is what I have been doing and it has not helped my playing at all.
It's been a long time, but the first scale I learned all over the neck was E minor. I approached it by learning the box at the 7th position, and then the box at the 12th position, as these are most commonly used. Then I started learning fragments to connect the two boxes together. When I had them fully connected, I started expanding outward, learning the 5th and 15th positions and so on.`

It definately helped me with improvising, big time.
Keep studying scales, and by that i mean the actual scales NOT box patterns. I've found that all box patterns do for me is limit my playing. Trust me its MUCH more beneficial to know what notes are in the scale, and then being able to find them throughout the fretboard than staying in one position the whole time. It takes time and effort, but eventually it will pay off.
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