Hello all, I'm new to the site. I just bought a used SG for my girlfriend's bday. I'm refinishing it since it's pretty beat up. I've been working on the electronics and put in a setup similar to this.

Right now, my problem is that everything is working fine except for when the 3 way switch is in the center I get no sound. Is that suppose to happen in a series/parallel setup? I haven't done much electronic work before so I'm not sure what to expect haha.

Anyways, the SG was a faded cherry but I've redone it into more of a satin heritage cherry. Using transtint I dyed it black, then sanded it to color but not fill the grain, and then dyed it a mixture of red dyes. Finished with tru-oil and made satin with stock sheen and conditioner. Looks pretty good I think. Will post pics tomorrow and will hopefully have an answer tot he above.
Taking a quick break. Might as well post some pics. I only have up until it was tru-oiled for now. Pics show it lighter and more orange than in person. Right now I'd say it was a deep red. You also may notice that the color is uneven. I did this on purpose by not completely sanding away the black to darken certain areas. And if you're wondering, it was hanging in my closet by two clothes hangers when drying.


Sanded and dyed black

Dyed red and tru-oil

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Check your switch and wiring. You should have sound in all three positions.

Alright, just checked it out. I found that the switch isn't always working for some reason. It only occasionally picks up on both pickups int he middle position and sometimes misses the bridge pickup when it's alone. Anyone know why this would happen other than having an old switch?
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Sound like you got an on-off-on switch. Didn't even know they sold these...
Other reason might be cold solder joints or soldering errors in general.
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Maybe I'm being stupid here, but why did you refinish it? The finish on the wood looked exactly how I see them in the shops :\

Haha, Yeah that's kind of what I was going for. The original color was more orange than red though. I made it closer to Gibson's heritage red. Also the back of the guitar was ruined with belt rash and where someone tried to scratch "Slayer" across the back of the guitar. I guess I forgot to post pics of that. The whole thing was pretty beat up. I'm trying to make as near to new as possible. Don't want to be giving a worn out guitar as a gift. Anyways, you'll be able to see the difference in color from before I touched it as compared to after. I really like the new deeper color and that it is not damaged now. Also, if you pay close attention, you may notice that the grain is darker from being dyed black first. I think it really helps the look of the guitar, heh, maybe I'm picky.

As for the switch, I saw that the contacts weren't touching properly so I bent them in a bit. It solved it for now, but I think I'll go back and bend them a bit more just to be safe.
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I actually liek the way it looks pretty damn good now. I would probably leave it uneven color haha gives it some character.

But as for the electronics, it sounds like either the middle point contact is not solid, maybe resoldering it, or maybe there is a ground wire in conact with it. Could you possibly get some pictures of the wiring assembly. But they would need to be pretty clear
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While the color seems similar, I think your refinishing job is much better than the stock finish. The grain is more pronounced and the oil gives it a nice shine. Excellent job!