From (left to right):

Peavey Tour 450 head
Bergantino HT210 cabinet

Boss TU-2 Tuner
Digitech Bass Multi Chorus

Peavey Zodiac DE Scorpio
Dean Sledge Hammer 4 Ash
Status Energy w/ graphite neck

I am very happy with my rig. I have found "my tone" after 5 years of searching and couldn't be more happier!
not my kinda thing but if it gets you the tone you want then its a great rig
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Not your kinda thing? I don't understand...

He doesn't like it?

The Half Stack is nice, but the first 2 basses aren't that great to me, the Zodiac is a low level model, and I can't stand Dean basses.

The status though, is nice.
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The Zodiac DE Scorpio is a low level bass? Mate, it used to have an RRP of £450. It has since dropped in price a bit but it is a fantastic bass and is underrated IMO. Have you played this bass? If not you can't comment on it.

Why can't you stand Dean basses? Is it because it's a Dean so must be metal? I think not. The Sledge Hammer is as un-metal as they come and is a really good funk bass. Have you played this bass? If not, again, you can't comment on it.

Sorry to sound defensive, but I get frustrated when people slag off gear they've never tried.
You can't comment on gear until you have tried it!
at the peavey zodiac: it's a very nice bass, i tried the lower level model and was blown away by the quality of it, the asthetics of this model aren't to my liking though. i've never liked mirrored pickguards

at the dean: i've not played this model but i've never played a dean i liked, that said this bass looks like it has more in common with the EBMM stingray than any dean so i'll reserve my judgements of it

at the status, i love status basses, i've never played a bad one but the body on that looks bloody massive, it would definately be my pick of the 3, especially with the 2 single coil pickups, i'm a jazz bass fanatic.

at the digitech, i've not tried it but digitech stuff always looked well built

at the boss, personally i would have gone with a planet waves pedal tuner to me it seems much better quality and more accurate for a very similar price.

at the peavey tour: i gotta know how is this head i've been eyeing it up for ages but i can't find one to try out

and the cab, either the head is bigger than i though or that cab is tiny lol

anyway as you can see it's not the rig for me but i'm happy for you that you've finally found your signature tone, hopefully when i've got mine i'll post a thread so you can come and rip on my gear lol
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Sorry to sound defensive, but I get frustrated when people slag off gear they've never tried.

You don't know if they haven't.

I personally don't like Deans. I've never gotten a tone I like out of them (and before you jump on the metal thing, I play a LOT of metal). And the Zodiac is at the higher end of the low level band. Being Peavey, I'm going to assume it's well built. But I'm not a split coil fan, really.