Im deciding between these two guitars and im stuck :\ Can someone experienced please aid me to choose the right one? they both have almost exact specs but schecter has push pull knobs for coil changing. and the bc rich has an ebony fretboard and kickass shape. Help? Thanks!
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You will get a lot of people saying the Schecter but I'm not sure the warbeast looks very good
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Any chance of you being able to play them in store? The neck profiles on both guitars will be different so it's really subjective.
they both are good.
I'd pick a C1 classic though.
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The Hellraiser owns.
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Since i'm GASing for a Hellraiser it would be my bet

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The Hellraiser sounds really good, and i'd imagine the new ones sound even better since the EMGs are the coil splitting ones. It'd be more versatile, and the black cherry model looks really sweet. I'm not fond of the Warbeast shape sadly, so I've never really been interested in playing it, although a ton of kids at GC play the BC Rich's although depending on the model they can sound great or insanely bad. The NJ series is suppose to be really good though.
what kind of pick ups does the war beast have? im going to have to say play them both because they are both nice guitars, but they will not sound alike at all. at least mine dont. but i`ve got duncan designed in the c-1 and stock bdsms in the bcr. both are considered by many to be sub par. but for what i play , they rock. btw i found the bcr neck slightly nicer, but the schecter neck has better fretts, so it evens out.
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I've just ordered a BC Rich ASM Pro, which is sort of the equivelant of the Hellraiser. Original floyd, EMG's, 25.5'' scale. Coil tapping sounds good on the schecter, but the warbeast looks amazing. Surely you prefer one shape more to the other, they are sort of at the opposite ends of the scale shape wise.
Go for the BC Rich, its a high end model (forgetting about US handcrafted), good quality guitar.

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