We have just finished our new song with mates, and I was now doing the solo at home. I wrote it in to GP5, so if you could just listen to it and tell me if its good or no, please. Thanx
Bullet Proof (solo).zip
Dude it was a sweet solo. I enjoyed it.

Hope you don't mind. I took it and did some editing. It wasn't anything major. You are more than welcome to use what you like out of it. Just trying to be useful.

Some of the things I changed were as follows:

Added palm muting
Extended ending
Changed triplets (for me that part didn't flow at all it was the only part I didn't really care for it could however just be the emphasis that GP gives it, might sound better live)
Added Chorus
Added Phaser
Added Tremelo
Added Reverb

overall a great piece. The only thing I didn't really care for was the triplets in the rythym part.

Note: measures 5 and 6 don't sound country to me but, 7 and the begining of 8 kinda do. a bit. But for sure its easy to tell this is rock music. But wait thats what new country is isn't it? Ha different discussion lol. Anyways . . . .

New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip
dude whyd u have t put it in Guitar pro. Ill just think its good.

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Thanx a lot guys :-) Nice to hear

to Jared:
thanx, thats cool, I was too lazy to do some of the stuff :-)

As soon as we have some recordings, I'll post them, once more thanx