the other day i was at a gig and as we were sound checking I kept noticing that my amp was dying on me.

it started being normal volume then suddenly drop out then come back and drop out and it would keep doing this over and over. then when it was not doing this i would get like this buildup of feedback as if i had some high gain cranking but this was on the clean channel and my guitar was volume knob was really lowish.

i have no idea what it could be. i changed the tubes within half a year. i got boss gt6 which is used for a few years but hasnt played up before. i have a feeling it might be cables but i never knew this was a symptom of **** cables.

so basically my question is is fluctuating volumes and some randome squeeling and buildup of feedback a tube, fxboard or lead problem?

thanks in advace and soz about the wall of text
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