I guess I might as well start a topic about my band.

We're pretty new, and have written a few songs, and recorded three. We take inspiration from stoner rock bands like Kyuss and Orange Goblin. Our heaviest song, named after salvia divinorum, has been uploaded to our Myspace. The others will be uploaded some time this week.

This is the first mix of the song, which still needs some touching up that we're gonna be doing sometime soon this week. The touching up includes reducing the bass on the output slightly (bass booms horribly when turned up loud on my 20 year old speakers), and we need to record the vocals again (with lyrics that weren't improvised on the spot).

So yeah, feedback for the first mix of the track would be great, cheers.



P.S. If you like us, add us on Myspace, Bebo, or Facebook (coming soon).
Cool! The drums occasionally sounded a bit out of time, but its some sweet stuff.
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I thought that it basically sounds good. I would suggest a few EQ tweaks though.

You can fix the bass with a bit of EQ: if you cut it between 150 and 250 Hz, you'll lose that horrid boomy quality. If you boost from 40-120 and again at 650Hz, that'll bring up the low end and the growling quality.

The guitar sounded a bit muddy in places, try using a low cut filter.

The vocals didn't sound so bad, but were lacking a bit in presence. When you re-record 'em, try boosting the 3kHz frequencies, because that will bring them forward in the mix nicely.
nice riffs.

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