What wah pedal should i get??I don't know many about wahs so i need your help...

I want a good one on price range 100 euros
what kind of music do You play?

Metalman so I think metal, right?
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I will may buy the morley power wah..What do you think?
Is VOX waH Good with Hi Gain??
CRYBABY (standard or the incredible zakk wylde wah) or the mark tremonti signature wah (morley I think)
ive gotten the impression that the vox wahs aren't good with high gain
try the morleys, crybabies and variations on them, and maybe that new ernie ball wah which is nice.
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Morley - I tried a Power Wah almost a year ago, it was fantastic. The range of the wah was big, and you could get a variety of sounds out of it. It also didn't seem to make the distortion from the amplifier any muddier or suck any tone from the amp. I would say this is a great pedal for the price.

Ibanez Weapon Demon - Another good wah pedal, this pedal works well for high-gain music. Personally I would say it is the best wah out there for metal. The range it has is big, and it never really affected the tone. It is so easy to use, and you can set the wah to your own preference by tweaking the resonance knob.

CryBaby - I own a GCB-95 CryBaby and it is an alright pedal. But the consistency of getting a nice range from it is bad. There are definitely better pedals out there. I've heard great things about the Zakk Wylde wah, maybe that is worth looking into, and also the Slash wah.
I am between Cry Baby gcb95f and Morley Mark Tremonti Signature wah...What to get???Why??