I am building an electric guitar, and so I need to put in a pick-up. Can I wire the pick-up (humbucker) straight to the output jack, or do I need something else?


yes you can do that

anything else? you generally need to ground the bridge of the guitar as well
I'm building a guitar too, but if you want to have some control (say for volume and tone) on your guitar, instead of using everything the amps got, you could put at least one volume and if you want atleast one tone pot in. That's what i'm doing, and if you're gonna make something like that, i have a wiring diagram, meant for a les paul but it fits my bill just fine, which i can give you
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Be sure to ground the bridge. It's as simple as putting a wire that touches the underside of the bridge and then goes into the body to the negative side of the wiring. If you don't, the guitar will hum quite loudly unless you touch the strings.

You don't need pots for anything. Especially if you're the type of player who leaves everything turned all the way up all the time.

If your concern is that wiring/soldering is difficult, then just do a little studying online to learn how to do it.

Try searching Youtube for Guitar Soldering Tutorial
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so to ground the bridge do I just solder a wire from the bridge to one of the end of the negative wire going from the pickup to the output jack?

The wire should be exposed to the bottom of the bridge such that when you screw the bridge down, it makes contact.

Unless its a Strat type tremolo, then you solder the ground to the claw in the back.

All of my hard tail guitars just have a little exposed wire that shows up under the bridge. You drill a little hole out to your control cavity or output jack hole using a long skinny bit.

Just tie it to the output jack negative and it will work.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Its not necessary at all.
I did it like this on my P-Bass, but I soon added a volume (For songs like Bassically) and a tone switch, yes switch, not knob, for songs like Sweet Leaf.

What I do love about doing this is, you have the raw sound of the pickups. Be sure to run your ground to teh bridge though.

For everyone telling him to put in knobs, why? What difference would it make if he doesnt want them, its his guitar. It wont affect it in any way, just wont have all the options most have.