I'm changing my current pickups on my project guitar and I was wondering how to add more volume and tone knobs (from 1 of each to 2 of each). I'm not sure if there is room to add 2 more knobs. Assuming there is room though, do I just drill into the body and pop the additional knobs in? Or are 2 of each even necessary? I'm assuming its doing it per pickup

I can post pictures once I get off work if that would help.

Also, if this has already been answered before sorry, way too many threads
If there is enough room in the cavity, yes, screw through and pop them in.

If not enough room in the cavity, then its defo NOT worth it. Would require more routing e.t.c. that can really cause way too much hassle.

Why not try stacked pots?
There is always space, because you can get concentric/stacked pots, which are essentially two pots on top of each other, and take up the same amount of room as regular pots. I just put two in my guitar because it wouldn't fit 4 regular pots.
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Ahh, I didn't know they made them stackable. Is it just 1 pot that I would solder both sets of wires to instead of 2 seperate pots? Or is it literally 2 pots on top of each other? I'm new to guitar DIY stuff, so I'm not very knowledgeable about some of this stuff yet.

It's the Zakk Wylde EMG 81/85 set that I'm installing in my project guitar btw.
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