Scorn the body, infesting pests cover the face,
Drift into the heavens, as one day there will be no trace.
Kataklysm, inferior grace,
Rapturism marks the time and place.
Mistakes, forever on going process,
Erase the past, could the single cell engineer have thought this?
One fine day a burst, all minds reset to dorments,
Tomorrow he thirsts, his image changes in moments,
No sin to scar, no heart pumps a will to live,
No door left ajar, no minds left to give, heh.
God has staged a death to unconcious eyes,
No memory of his existane, no plague of lies.
Time for the wind to carry comprimise,
No fouling human life remains for a sun to rise.

Life denied, no shame or pride-

Life denied, only truth, no lie-

Life denied, excite and blind

Life denied, to kill a kind-

Life Denied.