ok, so this might have been asked about before. or sound a bit daft. but how come no one makes a bass trem system? i mean, stringing it would be hard if it was like a floyd rose, but other than that, i dont see why one hasnt been made. oh, if one has been made a link would be cool, because i couldnt find one on google.
There are a few out there, but they don't work the same way as Guitar trems I don't think. The main reason they aren't common, as, due to the string tension, the bass would go out of tune as soon as you used it.

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A few companies used to make them, although I think only one still does.

if my memory serves me correctly, there are plenty of threads on this subject, Try typing it into the searchbar and see what comes up
les claypool uses one.
look up primus
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kahler makes a bass trem (according to these people the only one)

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if u could perfect the system it would be a good idea. u wouldnt have to buy pedals and eventualy it would be cheaper.
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I have used a Kahler for many years and have never really had a problem with it going out of tune(keep the rollers lubricated and grind some pencil lead dust in the nut). The real problem is taking a router to your beloved bass!
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