Is it feasible to use a guitar equalizer for bass? i'm asking because i don't have the money to buy a bass equalizer, and i can just borrow my bro's Boss GE7. sure, the frequencies are different, but it will work...right?
Most guitar FX pedals will work with a bass, but I wouldn't reccomend it. They make them seperatley for a reason. Saying that, I play my bass through a Guitar amp because I haven't got a Bass amp. It's not advisable, but it would probably work.
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i see...a guitar equalizer has a higher frequency range, whereas a bass equalizer has a lower frequency range, correct me if i'm wrong. will this affect my EQ-ing in a positive or negative way? e.g. not being able to EQ the lower frequencies, but able to EQ higher frequencies?
You won't have any control over the lowest frequencies because well, guitars don't go that low! likewise, you'll have an uber amount of treble...noise control
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Try it. If it does the job you want, great. If it sounds like crap, then don't use it again.