im actually more of a guitarist than a bassist, but i have a cheap bass (a squier ) which is fretless and since i got it ive realized that a bass with frets would make much more sense for my style of music. so im wondering how much it normally costs to get a bass fretted. im guessing it would be better to just buy a new bass, but if its not too expensive ill probly just do this instead. thanks
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im guessing it would be better to just buy a new bass
Yep. A new Squier will be cheaper, I should think.
100-200€? Xd
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You could get a new, better neck for around 50 pounds.

that seems like the easiest option to me.

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how did you buy a fretless squire... ?
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how did you buy a fretless squire... ?

There's a few knocking about.

And TS, I'd say buy another bass. No-one thought that fretless would work with death metal, but Sean Malone and Steve Digiorgio went against the grain and did very well for themselves. It's always nice to have different things lying about because sometimes something needs that something different that only something different can give.

Or something like that.

Additionally, the entire conversion thing (UK to US) doesn't work because of things like customs tax etc.
What style of music? I've used my fretless for everything from Jazz to punk to black metal.