Hey guys, just today i got a boss noise suppressor and the instructions dont tell you how to connect it in a pedal board situation. it says not to connect delay effects between the send and return but to connect them between the noise supressor and the amp. so this is how i have my pedal board set up

Send on my pedal board going into the input on a wah,then output of wah to input of chorus and then output of chorus to input on my distortion, output of distortion to input on compression, output of compression to return of noise suppressor, output of noise gate to input of delay, output of delay into return of pedalboard.

is this right so i wont be using the input or send on the noise gate.

edit-i just found out that what i said doesnt actually work so any suggestions
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um.. I so try it and see. But I think you have the right idea.
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Taken from Robert Keeley's website.

Which Chain Of Effect Pedals Makes Life Easy? All you have to do is remember this phase and which letter corresponds to which type of effect. Wah -> Which, Compressor -> Chain, Overdrive -> Of, EQ -> Effect, Pitch -> Pedals, Modulation -> Make, Level -> Life, Echo -> Easy.

This would include tremolo, volume pedals (great at this point in the effects chain because it cuts all the hiss going to your amp), noise gates and limiters.
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Taken from Robert Keeley's website.

i dont need to know the order they go in, just how to connect them all in my pedal board

What about

Guitar -> Input on NS -> Send to effects -> return to NS -> output to delay -> amp ?
you can also place it at the end of your chain just before delay or reverb pedals just using the input and output.