Does anybody here know any good guitar shops in London which customize guitars? Yes, I tried google and contacted some shops but they don't do the customisations which I want. I want to see if I can put in EMG's or some decent pick ups into my Ibanez RG370DX and/or putting in a Korg Kaoss pad like matt bellamy's guitar
i love the pups in my 370
though, ive heard other people say they dont like them, do you think its worth while to switch them out?
Pickups: any good shop can do this for you
Kaoss pad installation: you'd need a good luthier, and I don't think your guitar is large enough to house one
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emgs you can intall yourself easilly they have that kwik connect or whatevr dont they?

kaoss pad wont fit, besides bellemy hardly actually uses it, its more for show

Matt Bellamy has the bigger kaoss pad you can get smaller ones for like 99£