could someone give me some jazz artists?
i want to get into some jazzy stuff.
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Suggested Listening: Jazz Albums


Suggested Listening: Blues AND Jazz Artists

but if it matter my favorite jazz artist are:
medeski martin and wood
marco benevento and the benevento/russo duo
john scofield
joe pass
miles davis
jaco pastorius
weather report
the mahavishnu orchestra
I'm not sure if you're talking specifically about guitarists or not. If so, I would say Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis. If you're talking about any and all instruments, I recommend Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Coltrane, and more recently, Roy Hargrove. He actually did some real cool stuff with Q-tip. And you can't forget Miles Davis. His album Bitches Brew crossed a lot of lines. Solid work.
id choose miles davis as a pivot point in jazz, in particular the album "kind of blue" listen to bill evans on that one..check out all the players that have played with him...and all the players that have played with them....that should fill you in on the jazz idiom and keep you busy for a few weeks <wolfgrin>

the list of guitarists alone that have played with miles is a dedicated study of the instrument and the music...
you cant go wrong with miles davis, or any of the musicians who eventually left his band and started their own

herbie hancock
john coltrane
wayne shorter
chick corea
red garland
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Wes montgomery is prob the biggest name for Jazz guitar, i reccomend u check him out

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For jazz guitar, check out some Wes, Pat Martino, Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Joe Pass, John Scofield, etc. Besides guitar, Miles, Trane, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman and Charlie Parker are all good choices.