Is there any drum machines where I can take drums I write from guitar pro, as a midi file for example, then use that in the drum machine...

I have ezdrummer, but I want something where I can use my own drum samples...

and I really can't be bothered writing 30ish minutes of drum tracks into a drum machine such as rhythm rascal etc.

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I think most lower end drum machines only have a MIDI out port but if you can spend a little more on something like a Boss you should be able to get one with MIDI in and out and then can trigger the machine using your computer.

I had a chance to try the new Alesis SR18 a few days ago and really liked it. It offers MIDI in and out:

Another way you can go is just stick the MIDI file in a sequencer and trigger EZDrummer.
Quote by FNAFJ
I have ezdrummer, but I want something where I can use my own drum samples...

Unless you have samples from one of the larger sample sets then I doubt if they will be better than EZDrummer's. But it's all personal choice really so maybe you're looking for a slightly different sound. Anyway, most sequencer apps that offer a software sampler will allow you to do this. I used Logic and the EXS24mkII for years with a set of samples I had made/found and I did just what you want to do; I exported the MIDI from Guitar Pro, imported it into Logic and then used my sample set. Since I got BFD I use that for drums since it's much more versatile than my measly couple of samples were but I still use the same basic technique: program the drums in Guitar Pro, export MIDI to ProTools (removing all controller data along the way), tweaking a few velocities since Guitar Pro doesn't really allow for enough variation to make things sound natural, and then play it back using BFD.
I use to have the same prob but now i just write it up on Guitar Pro so i get the idea down, then i redo it on Acoustica Beatcraft. It doesn't take too long and i like the different sounds in Beatcraft and the simplicity.