It's was pretty interesting. The main riff was nice, but the power chords get kind of boring after a while. But near the solo you started to have some nice riffs. Overall it was great.
I liked it alot. Nice chops, cool riff and a sweet solo. Put some great lyrics on that and it would be even better

Crit mine?? Alright C4C
Crit please! ===>> Agony
I see what you're tryin to do..sounds good, Just a couple Idea's for you...When you're doin the palm mutes You could try tossing in a couple gallops or triplets..just to spice it up..Solo was great..I'd also try to toss in some type of Melodic riff in your chorus..so its not just power chords strumed...try doin some of that stuff might make it more..ear pleasing
Thanks for the advice... I will definately try some of that stuff out.

Once again, thanks for the crits everybody.
i like it, quite simple, but sometimes simplicity is better
think maybe a bit more variation after the solo to lead the song somewhere else
but overall its very good