I'm searching on the internet etc. for a new amp because I want a new one. I've got a 30 watt Roland practice amp but I want to look for a amp with more watt because I'm in a band so I want to use it to play small gigs with ( think of little bars and small halls etc. for around 100 to 200 people )

We play 70's Rock Style and in the last band I was in we used the amps they had at the practice room which were Marshall tube amps so I'm thinking of Marshall amps.

Now I've seen a 100 watt Marshall combo amp on musicstore, I know its not a tube amp but my question with this one is: Has it enough power to be able to use for small gigs like I mentioned ? And does anyone know if this thing has a nice Overdrive sound ?


I can in fact try to save more money to get a tube amp but how much watt would I need because I don't know really anything about tube amps and what models would be good too use and not to expensive ?

Thanks in advance

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Dont get an MG dude. Low end MGs suck. Only exception ive seen is my friend mg250dfx.
I expected an MG and I was right.

Don't get it. Wattage means nothing with SS amps, much less with MG's. You'll basically be getting MG tone, only louder.

I'm sure I won't be the only person to say this, but tube amps are much louder on watts, it's just the way they're perceived to be to the ears. You can get a 30 watt tube and it may very well be as loud as that MG.

But for 70s style rock, I'm going to recommend..

Peavey classic 30.

I won't be the first to recommend it. I'm not a fan of that kind of sound but it may be what you're looking for. And 30 watts is most likely more than you need. I played a gig for a little more than a thousand people with a 50 watt 1x12 combo amp, and i only needed the volume to be at around 6-7.
thanks a lot guys. This information is very helpful
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You're a horrible, horrible person.

only to the people who deserve it
+1 classic 30
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