so, im wanting a good overdrive pedal. i play a marshall jtm-30 (which ive heard is ike a jcm900 combo) and an epiphone les paul, but im hoping to get a strat and maybe upgrade my paul pretty soon. on my amp, due to it being 2 channel, i cant really have a clean tone, slightly broken up tone and lead tone at foot, so im wanting something that will be a good boost/pverdrive, but still sound great on the clean channel too. im also wanting maybe some like texas blues type tone when i get a strat, and i know stevie ray vaughan used a tubescreamer, so im leaning towards that maybe (i know im not gonna get stevie rays exact tone, but i want that kind of blistering, thick tube tone he had. like im wanting that snap of the single coil pickups, but without the superthin tone. im wondering though, should i just get a used tubescreamer or something, or should i spend a little more and get maybe a used fulltone fulldrive or something?
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I have a stock TS9 and it sounds killer.

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I just went and played a bunch of overdrives and tube screamers to compare...

Tubescreamer= "chunky" way more bass way more full blues kind of tone.

Overdrive= "crunchy" much more high end, much more gain, a little less full
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I just got a Ibanez TS808, I highly suggest it, its really warm, and really tightens up a valve amp. It has hardly any gain mind, its mainly used either as a boost or to tighten up an already overdriving tube amp.