Hi UG! Ok from this point up i've been using a mic to record all my songs just a mic plugged to my comp but right now I have no amp im in the process of purchasing a new one. I've heard about people who record by plugging their guitar straight into their computer. Is there a thread around here that covers this or can someone give me the basics. My questions are:

Is the recording quality a lot better if you plug directly into the comp?

Do you plug your guitar->pedal->computer in order to get effects?

I usually use audacity so if I were to go out and buy one of those cables that allow you to plug into a computer, would i plug my guitar into my fx pedal then the cable to my computer from the fx pedal>?? Also do i need special software or anything? I really want to start recording asap so I'm completely new to recording via computer so please just tell me the basics i'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!
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You can record straight into a computer but unless you have an amp modeling software quality won't sound good.
I was just gonna ask this. How do you pkug a guitar into a computer? Do you use the amp??
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I was just gonna ask this. How do you pkug a guitar into a computer? Do you use the amp??

You can plug the guitar straight into the mic or line in port or plug the amp's line out into the port or mic up the amp. Mic up would be the best choice in terms of sound quality. To plug the guitar or amp straight in you need an adapter that turns a 1/4 inch plug into 1/8.

Well, plugging your guitar directly into your computer will produce a clean sound, but unless you have a semi-decent sound card, there will be a noticeable delay between plucking and hearing the sound. If you are recording multiple parts, this delay, called latency, will drive you mad.

The cheapest way to plug in a guitar to a computer is probably the Toneport GX, which comes with some software amplifiers for you to play with. Unless you plan on buying a kick ass amplifier that has great tone, this may be the best overall route. In fact, if you are willing to pay a lot for software amplifiers, you may want to get a Line6 Pod, Boss GT6 or Zoom G7.1ut or 9.2tt and a Tech21 Power Engine, and you can use it live.
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Recording Guitar Amps 101
Well i was at a local target and all i know is they have some cable software thingy u plug ur guitar into ur comp, can i just plug my guitar into my pedal THEN into the comp to get my "sound" or effect?
i am axel rose