I've come across solos that use the whammy bar. I never use mine... but i wanna start learning to.
I'm guessing there are name's for certain techniques you use with it... right?

But how do you translate that on tab?

quick example of a tune i was looking at (mouth for war solo)
1.5 1 1.5

1 1-1/2

1/2 1/2 1/2 ____Divebomb______

Why does it say 1.5? and 1-1/2? and Divebomb?
I'm assuming this is something to do with the whammy?

Well anyway... i found this alot and i dont get what it is. I dont suppose there are any pages or vids that teach you more about it?
i think 1.5 and 1 1/2 are the number of steps you lower the pitch of the note with the whammy.. and divebomb is a whammy technique

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I may be mistaken, but it seems as if "1.5" and what not is indicating how many steps to bend up? And I don't know if there's a set notation for whammy; I've seen different notations used for the bar, like multiple v's (vvvvvvv) but uhhh, is there not a legend in the tab?

EDIT: Yeah, maybe tamargo's right, actually. Maybe it's how much you're supposed to depress the bar.
haha ya know i think its better if i just didnt use the damn thing
thanks though.... ill figure it out soon.
i didn't think you could write that into tab, I thought you just kinda do it if you listen to the song.
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the 1/2 might be how much bend to put on it. 1/2 bend would be bending halfway up to the next string (i think). and in tabs ~ usually means to let the note ring for a while. listen to solo carefully to see if thats to whammy or ring.
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I've never really seen a precise notation on text tabs, but in Guitar Pro, it is indicated by a "V" or "^" shaped notation, along with the number of steps to alter pitch. Obviously, whether it's a "V" or a "^" depends on if you're raising or lowering pitch. A divebomb is a technique where you basically slowly press the bar down as far as it will go. Try playing the open low E and executing a divebomb, no doubt you've heard that sound a lot--possibly without noticing it.