I've just been getting back into guitar after a long hiatus -- I have 3 addons now and, once i got some caffeine in me yesterday morning, I decided I wanted to clean up the look. I went into the storage room and got the first piece of wood I could find. I then used zip ties, velcro, and some duct tape (not used on the pedals) to make a pedal board for my (very small) lineup. Everything was found in my house... $0 total.

I'm planning on buying a nicer one with a hard case from Rondo once I get a few more pedals, but for now... This works! Even if it is ghetto!

PS: no comments on the amp..
Love the looks, wish i can make one.

Also, love the amp
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Yes, there will always be a spot for it on my board!
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you don't have to buy a pedal board, most people on this site just make their own

I guess I could. This one was super easy. I really want to put some carpet or felt on it though so it doesn't look like something out of a Martha Stewart catalog.

Are there any advantages to pedal boards being made out of metal as opposed to wood?
Dude, that is awesome.
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Dude, that is awesome.

Thanks! I forgot to mention, it's being propped up by Post-It notes in the rear (for now), and it came with 3 pieces of wood running perpendicular to the board. So it's raised about 1" at my feet, and 3" at the amp. Perfect for some cables.
Felt is great for pedal boards, as is carpet. You can find cheap offcuts in warehouses in any color you want, pratically. Its good you have worked to find a nice few pieces of neat wood, though, instead of just slapping it onto the first splittered log you can find.

There very easy to make one angeldef, try it, you may be surprised.