This is a weird question. I'm using Minwax furniture refinisher (chemical stripper) to strip this Epiphone I have along with some of botched up binding (kind of a story...). I need to know if Stripper can harm Ebonol. I don't care if the nut takes a hit, as it will be replaced anyway. It also shouldn't have any effect on the glue for the frets or the inlays right? Masking tape won't hold up to this stuff, which is the issue

Here is a short dossier on Ebonol: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebonol In a way, it's almost like Bakelite in compound it seems if you read a few more articles, meaning it is similar to a resin I presume.
Uh, maybe I should rephrase: Does anyone think paint stripper will damage say, Bakelite or any other Phenolic Resin/Resin material?
Try it out on a small section just to make sure, but I would be very surprised if it did anything to ebonol. It says it won't remove poly, and ebonol is much more stable and durable than that.
It shouldn't do anything to the frets either. They're sometimes glued in at the factory, but they're mostly just held in place by pressure and little spikes they have.
My biggest worry would be that it would discolor or eat away the inlays. Be careful.
Hmm. The inlays are MOP and seem to have a protective clear on them. That is not a huge concern though, as I just wanted to be sure it won't eat the sides of the boards/fret ends, as the top will be covered partially, or at least the inlays. Thanks.