Are these real? I've never heard of such, until now. I just came across this on eBay.

Has anyone heard of them/How good are they?

EDIT: It says "Wood Type: Plywood"

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seeing as though it is made of plywood, probably not very good
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Aye, they're only beginner guitars, and they've been discontinued I believe.

Don't get it, please.
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If you really want a cheap body get this:


Three piece alder not plywood.
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Oh, i'm not getting it. I'm just looking for a strat-type body, because in a year or two, i'm thinking about building my own guitar... and i was just bored and started looking. So, i decided to ask about this, because i've never heard of an Epiphone strat....

But thanks for the replies.

I have one and its not that good of a guitar electronic wise, but its practicly bullet proof, ive dropped it down the stairs when it wasnt in the case, its fell out of my dads truck, ect. and nothing has broken on it...actually, i havent even dented it or chipped the paint
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I've heard of Gibson making a stratocaster series a while ago.

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